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Insurance Professionals Continuing Education Classes

Colorado Insurance Continuing Education training and classes for insurance professionals.

Insurance Professionals – Continuing Education Classes


ServiceMaster of Boulder County offers free Continuing education courses and credits to licensed insurance professionals at our Louisville facility.

Most of the courses are 3-4 hour courses and provide the attendee with credits towards their Colorado insurance license. Coffee, Tea, Fruit and Pastries are served at our morning courses, and lunch is added for our 4 and 6 credit classes.

Insurance Continuing Education Classes Boulder, CO

Upcoming Continuing Education Class Schedule:


  • Surviving a Disaster in Your Business, #52844 Thursday March 1st, 9 AM-12 P.M.This newly offered course is designed to guide you through the preparation necessary to help your business, and those of your commercial policyholders, survive and thrive should a major (or minor) disaster befall one’s business. When we are done with the class, you will have the information and tools to present a disaster scenario to prospective commercial clients (3 CE credits)
  • Ethics, # 47485 Thursday March 22nd, 9 AM- 12 PM (3 CE credits)
  • Hoarding: Extreme Cleanup, # Thursday April 12th, 9 AM- 12 PM (3 CE credits)

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The following courses are offered:


Insurance fraud is a problem that costs the insurance industry billions of dollars every year. This course focuses on the history, laws and statistics relating to the fraudulent insurance crimes that take place every day in America. We also discuss the constantly changing insurance industry and how the economic crisis affects the rising rages of fraud.

Learn the different ways consumers are attempting to fight the system and why they don’t believe that insurance fraud is a crime. Understand the effects of internal “white-collar” crime and what the difference is between hard and soft crimes.

The latter portion of this class reviews what the agent’s role is in the insurance fraud process, and what can be done to prevent future cases.

We discuss the warning signs and common cases. Lastly, we close with a review of the top ten insurance fraud cases of 2008.


This course will demonstrate the importance of flood insurance. Different areas of topic will be explored e.g. NFIP, FEMA etc. The attendees will leave with a better understanding of flood insurance and its importance.

We will explore the following areas, among others:

NFIP, FEMA Background
Community Participation
Emergency Programs and Impact on Flood Insurance
Flood Insurance Considerations
Eligibility and Requirements
(Relevant Court Cases and Studies will be referenced in Actual Course Materials)



This course will demonstrate how water can damage carpet, wood floors, and other building materials, how long until damage occurs, and what steps can be taken to reduce or minimize the damage.

The course will also demonstrate water removal and the principles of drying and dehumidification.

Learn how a mitigation professional who responds quickly can reduce the size of the loss and lower your loss ratios.

Water Damage Insurance Training
Insurance Water Damages CE Classes in Colorado



This program explains the science behind the mold problem, explores the potentially harmful effects of indoor mold on materials and occupants, and teaches how mold grows, spreads, and what should be done to remove mold safely and reasonably.

Industry standard procedures such as containment, negative air, and personal protective equipment are explained and illustrated.

Mold Remediation Insurance Continuing Education
Insurance Continuing Education for Mold and Mildew Damages



This course shows graphically how acid gasses flow rapidly through a home, and continue to do damage to structure and contents long after the flames are out.

The class reviews the proper mitigation and emergency cleaning steps which, if instituted promptly, can reduce the size of the loss and lower loss ratios.

Fire, Smoke and Odor Smoke Damages Insurance Continuing Education Classes



This course will demonstrate how water can damage carpet, wood floors and other building materials, how long until damage occurs and what steps can be taken to reduce or minimize the damage.

The course will illustrate water removal and explain the principles of drying and dehumidification. Mold growth, the use of antimicrobials and odor control will also be covered.

Continuing Education Insurance Agents for Structural Dehumidification Integrity
Restorative Structural Drying Colorado Training



The program demonstrates how technology is enabling the restoration professional to manage and track packout inventory, movement, and restoration better than ever before, while giving the homeowner or business manager a sense of security about the process.

The course will cover the new tools and technology of evaluating, restoring and tracking inventory from start to finish to reduce loss size and lower loss ratios.


This seminar for insurance professionals will educate the participants on the various causes and types of damage that can occur to fine furniture and wood finishes, and what can be done to repair the damage in a property loss situation to reduce loss severities.

Personal Property Insurance Claims Education
Furniture Damage Restoration Continuing Education



This insurance industry training program is designed to provide a practical look at ethical decision-making. Instead of relying on ‘gut feel’, the process contained in this program takes the decision-making through several filters which ensure that all parties affected by the decision will be considered.

We break open many Case Studies and discuss the “ethical dilema.” This class is a fun new twist from any Ethics class you have taken.

Insurance Industry Training Program
Ethics Training Insurance Continuing Educaton



Error & omission lawsuits can be one of the most frightening experiences for an insurance producer.

With an ever-changing litigious society, the chances are increasing greatly. This course will look at E & O from multiple angles. First we will discuss what E & O is, the process of insuring, and how to avoid the potential loopholes. As a class, we will review agency procedures and an agency checklist for tips to minimize these claims. Then focus primarily on the claim process and what to expect, the insurance coverage, and the underwriting process.

Insurance Industry Continuing Education Errors Omissions



Reducing claim severities and enhanced subrogation recovery will be covered. We will demonstrate how mitigation, while reducing severities, will also increase opportunities for subrogation by enlisting cooperation and assistance of the policyholder. In this class you will learn the value of the first responder in recognizing subrogation opportunity early in the loss and communicating effectively with the claim handler.

With the help of a mitigation first responder the homeowner can be encouraged to save evidence and not throw things in the trash. We will explain the need for teamwork between the mitigation professional, homeowner, agent, adjuster and contractor in successful subrogation.

What Our Insurance Partners Have To Say…

Excellent! Having attended numerous Ethics CE classes, I was dreading it. This Ethics class was truly the best CE Class I’ve ever attended (including other CE classes unrelated to ethics) Jeff made this class entertaining and got everyone involved.

State Farm Insurance

Harry is a very learned presenter; I learned valuable information to be able to pass on to my clients in the event of a claim. Loved Joey the dog too!

Affordable Insurance

Your meeting space is fabulous, casual feeling class and hands on experiments make it very interesting and fun.

American Family Insurance

I learned so much about water mitigation today! I know this will help me in reducing claim costs for my office. THANK YOU!

Allstate Insurance

Good information – makes you really think a lot about the process and how much hard work goes into mitigation. I am glad that ServiceMaster is our Emergency Preferred Vendor.

Farmers Insurance